Star Wars Battlefront Deluxe Edition

By | October 23, 2015

The Force is Strong with…

star wars battlefront

Feeling the ominous thud of an AT-AT stomping down on the frozen tundra of Hoth. Rebel forces firing blasters as Imperial speeder bikes zip through the lush forests of Endor. Intense dogfights between squadrons of X-wings and TIE fighters filling the skies. Immerse yourself in the epic Star Wars battles you have always dreamed of and create new heroic moments of your own in Star Wars Battlefront Deluxe Edition.

You can fight for the Rebellion or Empire in a wide variety of multiplayer matches for up to 40 players, or in exciting challenges inspired by the films available solo, split screen or through online co-op. Star Wars Battlefront Deluxe Edition combines this epic action on a galactic scale with stunning visual recreations of some of the most iconic planets, weapons, characters, and vehicles in the Star Wars universe and the original sound effects from the films, to give Star Wars fans the ultimate, authentic and immersive interactive experience they have been looking for.

star wars battlefront

Key Game Features:

  • Visit classic planets from the original Star Wars trilogy, detailed with an unprecedented amount of realism and sense of authenticity that will transport you to a galaxy far, far away LOL.
  • Experience amazing digital replicas of the original Star Wars movie models, brought to life like features by DICE’s use of photo grammetry technology.

star wars battlefront

  • Engage in epic battles on iconic planets including Hoth, Endor, and Tatooine. Also, bring the fight to the previously unexplored planet, Sullust.
  • Pilot a diverse set of ground-based vehicles including nimble speeder bikes, massive AT-ATs, and more.

star wars battlefront

  • Play as some of the most memorable characters in the Star Wars universe including Darth Vader and Boba Fett.
  • Encounter a variety of beloved characters from the original trilogy such as C-3PO and R2-D2.

star wars battlefront

  • Pilot the Millennium Falcon, X-wings, TIE fighters, and more of your favorite vehicles in exhilarating aerial combat.
  • Battle alongside your friends online or in offline split screen Co-op mode.
  • Seamlessly swap between 1st person and 3rd person views.

star wars battlefront

Even More Great News…

In addition to announcing Han Solo, Princess Leia, and Emperor Palpatine as playable characters for Star Wars Battlefront. DICE has revealed three new game modes. These are Heroes vs. Villains, Battles, and Training Missions.

star wars battlefront

First up is Heroes vs. Villains. As its name suggests, this mode pits three hero characters against three villains, while the rest of your side is made up of Rebel or Imperial troopers, meaning it is really six vs six. Matches are designed to be short and “Really Intense.”

When a hero or villain character is killed, that player respawns as a standard soldier for their side. The goal is to either kill all hero or villain characters or have the highest number of hero or villain characters alive at the end of each of the three rounds. This means players must simultaneously play offense and defense.

star wars battlefront

The next new mode is called Battles. In this mode, you can play against a side of AI controlled enemies or against another human character. If you are playing another human, matches can be one vs one, or it can consist of two humans fighting alongside AI enemies that also fight against each other.

Whatever the case, the objective is to collect “tokens” that drop when your enemies fall. The first side to 100 points wins. There is also a variant of this mode called Hero Battles, which follows the same structure, but you play as a hero or villain character such as Darth Vader or Han Solo.

star wars battlefront

The third new Battlefront mode announced today is Training Missions and it is designed to help newcomers get up to speed with the games mechanics and workings. There are five Training Missions in all, as well as a tutorial called Probe Droids.

The Beggar’s Canyon Training Mission, for example, will teach you how to fly an X-wing and shoot down TIE fighters. Another mission will help you learn how to drive a Snow speeder on Hoth. There are also Empire focused Training Missions, including one that teaches you to use Darth Vader’s special light saber and Force powers.

star wars battlefront

Training Missions can be played alone or with a friend online or through split-screen co-op.

The complete list of Battlefront modes announced so far is below:

  • Walker Assault
  • Fighter Squadron
  • Supremacy
  • Cargo
  • Droid Run
  • Blast
  • Drop Zone
  • Heroes vs. Villains
  • Hero Hunt
  • Training Missions
  • Battles (including Hero Battles)

Final Verdict Of Stars Wars Battlefront:

I will suspect that the complete experience will not be up to everyone’s taste or gaming standards. 20 versus 20 combat can feel a bit impersonal and overwhelming while the lack of class specialities along with simplicity of weapons take this Star Wars outing in a different, more casual FPS direction to peers such as Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. Instead Battlefront chooses to embrace sheer scale and those “awesome” moments that will stick in your mind.

Walker Assault’s grand vistas and vehicular antics are unparalleled, and in honesty, I could indulge myself in its snowy bloodbath over and over. If you are looking for a shooter with more polish than C-3PO’s noggin, then this could indeed be the droid you are looking for.


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