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ARMS Switch Review

Arms is bursting with fast paced modes and colorful exploding gloves that make every fight a blast, and its stylish lobby system keeps me coming back for more. As you engage in cartoon style punch out with the eponymous stretchable boxing gloves, of which there are many shapes and sizes, the combat in Arms is… Read More »


1-2-Switch, seems to be an ok family type of game but it really lacks depth. This title has a collection of 28 mini games which does have some variety with activities that include shooting cowboys, strumming an air guitar, or even getting to cradle a baby to sleep. The crazy starts at the very beginning. Each… Read More »

Has Been Heroes – Switch Review

The game features 200 items and 100 spells to unlock. Only a fraction of these are available in the first run, and obtaining new items and spells is a game changer for the player. Death in Has-Been Heroes is a common occurrence and permanent, and the player has to start over. However, death comes bearing… Read More »

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ On The Switch

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ is a dungeon crawling shoot’em-up that is a different game every time you play it! The randomly generated maps are built with over 11,000 unique room configurations, each populated with a nearly endless variety of enemies, items, challenges and secrets! The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ includes: Over 600 different items to collect.… Read More »

Disgaea 5 Complete Game – Switch Review

Still in the early days of the new Nintendo Switch console release we are now starting to see the expanding game library which has a large range of genres. Disgaea 5 Complete is an early and substantial release for strategy / tactical gamers, and is also the most ‘Disgaea’ game many will have already played before on a different console. Disgaea 5 Complete is a… Read More »

Troll and I – Switch Review

Troll and I is a video game developed by Spiral House and published by Maximum Games for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The game is set in post World War Two Scandinavia, the game begins when a billionaire called Eugene requests the help of a hunter to track down and kill an… Read More »