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Bloodborne Video Game Review

In my Bloodborne video game Review, you will find this is similar to the Dark Souls game in all but name, and one that introduces new themes and a story line that should not be overlooked. Bloodborne is not short of mysteries, but its narrative beats are inescapable, and its Christian themes are undeniable. The Souls games led… Read More »

Helldiver PS4 – Review

Slaughter All Alien Life Forms! The “Helldivers PS4 game” are called in to wipe out aliens so that humans can extend their reach across the vast galaxy, and that means you are going to need a lot of big guns, air support, and explosives. This is a co-op shooter for up to 4 players, both locally and online. This… Read More »

Resident Evil Revelations 2 – Episode 2

Resident Evil Revelations 2 starts you down the same path at two different unique points in time. You play as Barry Burton and Claire Redfield. In the first episode, Claire is stuck on an island that is under the control of a nasty overseer, who subjected her and Barry’s daughter Moira, to a gauntlet of violent and… Read More »